Sluggy Freelance Book 11: The Holiday Wars


Written and Illustrated by Pete Abrams

with contributions by Rob Balder and Ian McDonald

Trade Paperback

Full Color

Page Count: 148


Bun-bun, the adorable and harmless-looking mini-lop bunny is sick. He’s sick of failing to kill Santa Clause year after year. He’s sick of having to deliver Easter Eggs every year just because he accidentally squashed the Easter Bunny while robbing a bank in a stolen robot. He’s sick of his talking sentient Groundhog’s-Day shadow, bound to him when he messed with an ancient demonic book of magic. And he just discovered the incarnation of New Year’s Eve is messing with his plans. In this eleventh installment of the Sluggy Freelance epic, it’s all out war between Bun-bun and every holiday! They just might not know it yet. This book includes the second Torg Potter parody-&#39The Chamberpot of Secretions&#39 and everything from Torg&#39s Magic Flap to The Halls of Time. PLUS an all new exclusive 10 page bonus story entitled &#39The Holiday Overlord&#39s Edict&#39.

Sluggy Freelance ( www.sluggy.com ) is an immensely popular, daily, and primarily humorous webcomic that can be difficult to pin down. August 25th, 1997 Torg and Riff decided to spam Satan. And after such auspicious beginnings, and with an eye towards bigger, expanding stories, we find ourselves with over a decade of aliens, vampires, missile launchers, and a rabbit with a switchblade. Thousands of remarkably twisted jokes and plots later it is still running strong. Other books in this series and other merchandise can be found at store.sluggy.com

Sluggy Freelance is TM and © Pete Abrams. All rights reserved. Published by Sluggy Freelance, LLC.

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