Sluggy Freelance Book 12: Vampires & Demons

$19.95 Print-on-Demand

Written and Illustrated by Pete Abrams with contributions by Bill Holbrook and Ian McDonald

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 124

In this 12th book of the Sluggy Freelance series, Bun-bun is missing and Torg commiserates with his vampire friend Sam. What could go wrong during this vampiric “boy’s night out?” This book also answers the mystery “What ever happened to the malevolent robotic vacuum-cleaner Vroomba!” And what starts with vampires ends with demons as Torg is forced on a path that will redefine him forever. ‘That Which Redeems’ starts here!

Sluggy Freelance ( www.sluggy.com ) is an immensely popular, daily, and primarily humorous webcomic that can be difficult to pin down. August 25th, 1997 Torg and Riff decided to spam Satan. And after such auspicious beginnings, and with an eye towards bigger, expanding stories, we find ourselves with over a decade of aliens, vampires, missile launchers, and a rabbit with a switchblade. Thousands of remarkably twisted jokes and plots later it is still running strong. Other books in this series and other merchandise can be found at store.sluggy.com

Sluggy Freelance Book 12: Vampires & Demons TM and © Pete Abrams. All rights reserved. Published by Sluggy Freelance, LLC.. All rights reserved.

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