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9 Volt Comics Anthology #2

The 9 Volt Anthology Series started during the quarantine of 2020 as a collection of comic stories and has grown into a fantastic legacy of wholesome heroic entertainment!

Peter Seckler, Aaron Guzman, Shell Presto DiBaggio, ArtAnon Studios, Glenn Wilkinson, Marcelino Rodriguez Jr, Anna Raub, Francisco Salazar, Marsh Lee, RB Tower, Evan Hill, Ewan Barclay, Sophia Murphy, Ewan Barclay, Daniel McGuiness, Jacob Moore, Dale A, Jamil Scaleese

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 224

Seventeentales of rip-roaring adventure, pulse-pounding peril, and dynamic derring-do are packed into this 224 page EPIC of pulp brought to you by the AAA Comic Creators Discord. This is the real classic comic book pulp guaranteed to melt your minds and possibly make all your other comic books shrink back in sheer terror! Cavemen! Cowboys! Jungle Heroes! Space Explorers! Detectives!



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