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Action Bunny Comix #1


A tale of three different Bunnies: AstroBunny chases a bounty only to be framed for a galactic crime wave and her rival Officer Constance Titus in on her trail. BUnnferatu the Sucuubus Sorceress settles into a new town while being stalked by a serial killer and ThunderBunny, Goddess of lightning faces her nemesis Necronima the ice queen in their last battle on the frozen tundra.

Preston Skylar Owens

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

In the Far reaches of the charted universe, there is the last remnant of an elite Space Rangers, special adjudicators, to mete out justice to the lawless. Brianna Von Ziegler is Astro-Bunny who is a part-time exotic dancer at the Golden Moon space casino and patrols her sector of space. With her vast knowledge and weaponry, she dispenses justice to malefactors for a price.

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