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Agents Of The Endtimes Vol. 1

Jimmy Misanthrope

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 154

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Marnie Prou is fresh out of the Ancaluvion Agency Academy and ready to put her skills to the test out in the field. The Agency assigns her two of their top Agents, the perky Starla-Faye Jovansenson and the somewhat reserved Fubar Vim, to help her with the last stage of her training. But as Marnie soon discovers, working with Starla and Fubar and their, shall we say “eccentric” personalities is an entirely different kettle of fish than anything her training has prepared her for thus far. Meanwhile, sinister plans are afoot behind the scenes, devised by forces more powerful and terrible than any monster Marnie and her cohorts have ever faced.

A sci-fi, horror, comedy, drama, (with a touch of fantasy) series focusing on the Ancaluvion: small, pixie-like beings who live in a satellite dimension that orbits our own, akin to how moons orbit a planet. Using their advanced technology they are able to transport themselves from their realm to ours in order to “regulate the presence of inter-dimensional invaders”. In other words, they fight monsters. Which is pretty good news for us, as there are quite a few different types of monsters out there and some of them are very bad news indeed. The Ancaluvion responsible for dealing with the pernicious creatures that invade and haunt our world are known as the Ancaluvion Agents. This series concentrates on three of these Agents: Starla, Fubar and Marnie. Agents of the Endtimes: Book One collects parts one to five of the Agents of the Endtimes webcomic series, and comes with a bunch of bonus material exclusive to this book.

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