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AJT House Stories Vol 1

Adam Thomas

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 128

Queen Cybra A young woman name Bethaka Starnyth who just graduated from high school and just living her life as a normal civilian. Until one day she found a mysterious crown at a donation store. Just when she thought she had it made, Bethaka decided to put on the crown. This the story of how she became the new Queen Cybra. Series : J Hunter / J Killer Welcome to Ellition City part of the brand-new of America. Where there is no more law and order. But only the top companies run it. Unless you are working with the I.H.S.: Intelligence Bounty Service. An Independent bounty squad independent contractor. It is up to the I.H.S. Hunter who would take the offer from the I.H.S. Agent offers the job to the hunter. This is a story about J-hunter or however you call her J-Killer. Series : Vince Calibur A young man named Vince Calibur who loves to play video games. When he decides to rejoin the F.L.C. Fighter League Challengers A yearly competitive tournament that players in a division base to compete around the world to become a champion in the F.L.C. As for our challengers this will be one in the making. Series : Rebal Blazing Hard! -Welcome to Millvant City! – Where crime does not sleep, When the criminals come running down from the law. unless you’re being chased down by the local bounty hunter. Millet and Rebal-Lana who owns a Bail Bounds in the most dangerous part of town. That no other bounty hunters will ever take the job. If you need anything done call them for the hunt!

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