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Alice Sinn #14

Alice wakes up to find herself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where she runs into gas guzzling cannibals. Alice and her new found friend, Mazy Devil, has to make a run for it or their goose is cooked. Literally! You’ll find loads of fun and puns in this very action-packed issue of Alice Sinn, the girl who couldn’t wake up.

Aaron Bordner

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

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Three years a girl by the name of Alice Sinn took a nap after a horrible car accident. She never woke up. Now trapped in a dream within a dream, Alice is desperate to escape this twisted mockery of reality. She delves deeper into the dream and along the way she meets distorted fairy tale creatures that taunt her with one terrible question. Is Alice still even alive? To discover the truth, she must brave an undead tea party with the Mad Hatter, cross swords with zombie pirates and survive the dual menace of Dark Alice and Springheel Jack. Will Alice ever wake up or will she be trapped in The Land of Nod forever? Only time will tell.

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