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Aphro Physt vs Protector Force #3

After a coincidental fusion experiment transports Aphrophyst from their dimension to New Haven, Connecticut, they are duped by the villainous Fusion into thinking Protector Force are their enemies.

Reginald Augustine, Derek Lipscomb, Carmela Merlo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

After a pitched battle, the members of Aphrophyst are ambushed by Fusion and his allies, the Chessmen and their most powerful member, Black Thunda is kidnapped. Fusion plans to use Thunda to create a dimensional rift and raid Golden Megalopolis unimpeded. Can the remaining members of Aphrophyst and Protector Force get along and stop Fusion’s plan, or is all hope lost for Golden Megalopolis? The Final Action Packed issue to the Crossing Streams trilogy starts now!

Aphrophyst- Black Piston! Black Gizmo! Black Thunda! In the late 1970s and ’80s, these three heroes of Golden Megalopolis were the crime-fighting trio known as Aphrophyst! Seemingly destroyed in a fusion generator accident, they were actually transported to New Haven Connecticut, and duped by the disguised evil genius known as Fusion. Protector Force- Samurai, Gemstone, Pulsar, The Monitor, Justice, The Cheetah, and Stargate! Drawn together to protect and serve the citizens of their city! They are New Haven’s homegrown heroes!

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