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Bang Bang Lucita Team-Up #1

President Ulysses S. Grant arrives in the City of Harrisburg to give a speech… unbeknownst to him, a ruthless gang of outlaws has followed. Feisty Mexican cook, Lucita has something to say about that.

Chuck Amadori, Edson Alves, Nimesh Morarji

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 56

BANG BANG LUCITA tells the story of a feisty Mexican cook named Lucita, who just so happens to be a swashbuckling knife fighter. It”s a series that brings fun, modern storytelling to a genre that seems to have forgotten the excitement of the westerns of our youth. This 2 part serie is a complete arc for the intro of the character and will feature historical characters like Ulysses S. Grant in a fictional setting. There are also subtle supernatural and mysterious elements sprinkled throughout.

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