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Big Blue Hooters Of Heroism #1

The sophomore section of the saga showcasing the cerulean, super-sized super-heroine! Tara Taylor, a.k.a. Big Blue, returns, and once again she’s bashing the baddies with her bodacious bazongas.

Mase Corgan, Mariano Navarro, Hernán Cabrera

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

And the world needs her, as villains emerge from Earth and from afar. Sinister, seditious subversives are determined to destroy democracy. Will the chesty champion make chumps of the treacherous traitors? Will Tara continue to call herself Big Blue as she has increasingly less blue in her costume?

Meanwhile, equally evil actors on the planet Gozanganar are planning to place the planet in peril plying pendulous pontoons. Will the uber-heroine undermine unconscionable undertakings utilizing undulating udders? Probably, yes, but more importantly, don’t you want to see her try?

Looking at the comic book super-heroines of today, whether the mainstream heroic honeys or the hard-core hotties from the hentai, you’ll notice one thing. Well, two things, specifically, their comically colossal cans, their preposterously pendulous pillows, their hilariously humungous hooters. Given how long it would take to pull those things into spandex, one wonders how they find the time to patrol the city.

But no one ever made a story where the heroine’s impossibly large breasts ARE her super-power. Until now.

In Big Blue extra-terrestrial Yaelin protects the planet from peril with her powerhouse pontoons. She’ll face equally bizarre villains and maybe find romance with a human, all in her journey to foil a plan to destroy the Earth with breasts.

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