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Bluejaye # 1

Follow Bluejaye, as he fights to protect others against a variety of threats!

Mattia Bulgarelli, Gabriel Dill Sr., Antonio Garcia, Jomar Bulda, Analiza Chris Agot, Aurelio Mazzara, Gaetano Petrigno, Francesca Zambon, Josh Shelton, Gabriel Dill Sr., Michela Da Sacco, Katja Louhio

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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Discover the origin of Bluejaye, including the first appearance of the vicious villain, Bulldog! How does Jason Warbler become Bluejaye? And why? What tragic event affected his life and tore apart his relationship with his high school sweetheart,Jenya Whitney, and friends, Samuel and Deborah? And why does Jason hold so much guilt over it? Answer these and more in issue one of Bluejaye!

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