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Boney Toe #1

Gabriel Garcia

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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This first issue introduces Benito Garcia and his younger brother, Ruben. The story launches at a street intersection in a west side neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas. A painful memory is triggered when Benito spots a vacant lot where an important building from his past once stood. Suddenly, we”re transported to the 1950”s in the middle of the Garcia brother”s summertime marbles tournament with their neighborhood “buddies.” When Benito finally decides to confront the gang leader about his alleged cheating, he must face certain consequences as a result of this accusation and subsequent violent actions from the gang, in addition to his own family.

For All The Marbles, Part I is the first of three issues in the Boney Toe series that will follow the ups and downs, hardships, struggles, achievements, and family bonds that drive the colorful life of Benito E. Garcia, a “South Texas Commoner.”

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