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Breathe Character Directory #2

What do you get when you throw together five super-powered teens, one half-dead witch, two assassins, one troubled umbrakinetic, one mummy, a crime-filled city, and a horse? Unimaginable happenings that are just too big not to share. Join the Misfits (an unlikely group of high school students turned heroes), Leijona (a half-dead witch with a heart problem), and others as they save the day, raise a little hell, and figure out a place for themselves and their powers in a rapidly changing world.

Emma Jezek

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

The new and improved version of the BREATHE Character Directory! With a double-page spread for each character, this 24-page directory is sure to give you all the details on each character in BREATHE. Be sure to read closely, there may be a few “easter eggs” for future issues.

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