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Bunnyhead #1

After awakening with its memory wiped a lone robot must fight for survival on a ruined world battling cyborg invaders from space while trying to piece together the mystery of its vanished memory and the Creators who made it.

Chang Terhune

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

A lone robot… beaten, rusty and scarred, roams the landscape of a barren planet. knowing nothing of itself nor the world around it save that a strange event robbed it of all memories and knowledge… Due to the effects of this event – known among survivors as “the corruption” – no machine knows their purpose nor their function. these few and ragged stragglers banded together to survive, rebuild and search for answers in the harsh world they inhabit. To survive it must fight or be destroyed… This is their bravest fighter, once a lost machine itself. now fights for those awakening to amnesia on the blasted, ruined surface of this world. A hero known only as VCS93… he only thing that stands between them and destruction. This is the story of the machine savior known as… BUNNYHEAD.


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