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Carnal House Book 2

As a member of a premier ghost hunting team, you’ve been invited to investigate Carnal House. Within its ancient walls, you’ll find more than a few things that go bump—and hump—in the night.

Templeton Fate

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 336

Vampires, demons, zombies. . . you’ll need to best them all before you can unlock the house’s mysteries and score with its alluring ladies (undead or otherwise). But tread lightly: whether you end up in love or in a coffin is up to you!

A sexy spin on classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, Carnal House combines the traditional page-hopping choices of the genre with entertaining erotica written especially for men who like their nostalgia naughty. Eighteen unique partners and sixty-seven endings are yours to explore as you turn the pages. Your fate, and who knows what else, is in your hands!


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