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Chadhiyana #2

Tomb raiding isn’t a fun job, but it helps when you have company. Luckily for Chadhiyana, she’s joined by her bright and cheerful companion, Priyankee, as they journey into a tomb built by the stone-working Dwerrows to retrieve a lost treasure. Though despite their abilities and Priyankee’s over-enthusiastic optimism, the traps and pitfalls built by the Dwerrows may be the least the two women need to worry about.

J. M. DeSantis, Corey J. Breen, Jackie Musto, Mindy Lopkin

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Scarred by her past, Chadhiyana is a strong and beautiful woman with a fiery temper and a fanatical sense of justice. Traversing a dark fantasy world inspired by the cultures of South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, Chadhiyana, sword in hand, fights even to defend the weak and innocent. Only beneath her hard exterior lies a vulnerability and a past from which she is trying to run.

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