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Champions #066

Dennis Mallonee, J. Adam Walters, Renato Siragusa, Kirill Scalirò

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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There are two new SPARKPLUG adventures in this issue of Champions. First, a tale crafted by Dennis Mallonee and J Adam Walters, when our electric heroine invited ace reporter Jimmy Dooley to the loft above her flower shop, she was hoping to enjoy a quiet dinner with him. What she absolutely didn’t expect was to have HERMIA, the Olympian goddess of thieves, drop in for a visit. Then, Olga’s in for another surprise when she finds out just who it is who’s asking her out on a date to see a San Francisco performance of Wagner’s Ring trilogy. “Opera Night” is by Dennis Mallonee, Renato Siragusa, and Kirill Scalirò. Cover by Paul Abrams



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