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Chronicles Of Mary Jane Post Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter #5

Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter wanders the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland seeking Justice, Vengeance, and Retribution. She was born into a world that was re-forged by atomic fire.

Ted Lody, Jason Dyjak

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Mary Jane the Bounty Hunter and her Psionic side-kick Siobhan Jade Harlan are returning to Illinois to turn their bounties: Hendricks and Dr. Mind Fu**, after acquiring them from the settlement of Freehold of Folly; along the old Chicago Skyway, near the Illinois/Indiana border. Freehold is controlled by a vicious clown raider road crew, who are now hot on the trail of Mary Jane and Jade, with the help of a mysterious psychic seer.  No one remembers how or why judgment day started, only the remnants of earth’s lost civilizations can be found in its scorched ruins. In the decades that followed, mankind slowly began to rebuild and repopulated through an unforgiving wasteland, craving new civilizations upon the ruins of the old world. With civilization, came the rule of law, and those who enforce the law. There will always be those who operate outside the law, and those who believe they are above the law; these are who Mary Jane brings to justice.

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