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Codename Hunter #1

A government weapon was stolen. An unknown enemy is coming. What is their goal? That is what Agent Sean Wade has to figure out on his new mission when he tracks an arms dealer, who is selling more than weapons.

Ian Miller

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

In a future where Domestic and Extraterrestrial terrorism threatens the entire cosmos, there is only one man that can protect Earth and the rest of the galaxy. He is an Intergalactic Intelligence Division agent. His name is Sean Wade. His Codename: Hunter.

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2 reviews for Codename Hunter #1

  1. aef630 (verified owner)

    Hey Everyone i am writing this review for anyone that is looking to buy this comic and let me tell you i think really think you should buy it. I was just looking around on this website because i always look for new comics to read and i came across this one, At first i was looking at that cover and i was like wow this seems so amazing, Then i knew i had to buy just buy looking at the cover and i am glad i did. it was fantastic i was on the edge of seat . i think it was best comic book i had read in a long time. It was a spy thriller and thats all i am going to say about it because i want people to read it, it keep my interest and i was edge of my seat just by reading it , i think everyone should read it. so please when you have a change please buy it.. i am really looking forward for issue 2

  2. Matt C (verified owner)

    Ian Miller is known for his bad ass action scenes, brilliant interpretation of classic characters, and for the dopest reimagining of the Batmobile ever in the beloved “Batman Meets Godzilla” fan project. And now, here in “Codname: Hunter” Ian is the creator of his own universe. Miller does everything within these frames… story/art/colors… and with his deft hand on the pen, Ian takes our hero Agent Sean Wade on a journey filled with a truly original cast of characters all with his signature flow, intensity, and pace that leaves the reader filled with pure joy.

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