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Demon Priest Deluxe Preview


Out of the shadows of New Acadia walks Shamsiel Father Samuel Gregory a demonic figure in priestly garb to take up residence in the desanctified Saint Michael’s Church. Who is he? Just another superhero? A subtle and devious villain? A fallen angel? A cult leader? He’s been said to be any and all of those and a great many other things beyond. It’s hard to be sure which, if any, of these are true. Plausible cases have been made for all of them.

Jim Burrows, Gilbert Monsanto

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Father Samuel Gregory is the Demon Priest.  This comic presents the first two chapters of the novel and an 8-page comic. It also includes profile pages for several of the characters that appear in the book, using the same format used by G-Man Comics.

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