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Dope Komix

Dope Komix burrows through the deepest underground comics for the most secret of secret stash, humor for getting high, and a primary for potheads!

Rich Chidlaw, Pete Von Sholly, Tim Boxell, Justin Green, Skip Williamson, Larry Welz, Kim Deitch, Doug Hensen, Rory Hayes, Dennis Ellefson, Dan Steffan, Joel Beck, Leonard Rifas, Ken Fletcher, Trinna Robins, Gary Whitney, Jim Osborne, Jazey Lynch, Jay Kin, Georgia DiCaprio, Warren Greenwood, Palle Jensen, S. Chapman, Kim Deitch, Rory Hayes, Joel Beck

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 100

Godzilla fights the Cocaine Monster, get Sucked In with a shrink ray, take an Outer Spaced Fantasy, tune into Dope-O-Toons, meet the Tricky devil, Ell-Arr from Mars visits Earth, Lulu and the G-Men push pushers, dig Dope Trauma Tales, Sam Francisco is last of the hard-boiled dicks, Grabbit and Ratskello revive vaudeville, meet Citizen Caine, and solve the Great North Pole Massacre! 100 Big Pages!


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