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Dre Saturn Child Of The Orb #1

A young skilled throttle jockey name Dre Saturn embarks on an interstellar adventure where he’ll encounter vile and ruthless marauders, visit a distant majestic alien world ruled by a beautiful Queen who’s caretaker to a mysterious, all-powerful Orb, and discover a Destiny he must Embrace. At the heart of this saga is a coming-of-age adventure that centers around family, friendships, belonging and faith.

K.A. Bland, Ibenz

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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“The Beginning” — the first issue of this sci-fi fantasy adventure, introduces readers to our band of nasty marauders who steal the mysterious, all-powerful Orb. Lord Czarr, leader of the marauders, tries to uncover the Orb’s secret, and in doing so is given a vision of the one who may hold the answers he seeks — a young man from Earth name Dre Saturn.

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1 review for Dre Saturn Child Of The Orb #1

  1. Zak Webber (verified owner)

    “You may be a great racer, Dre – but you have no drive.”

    Andre – or Dre Saturn as he is known by his fans – is a successful competitor in the infamous Motor Kill Race, a high-stakes, high-octane – and highly illegal – race that takes place on the Moon. A mechanic by day, the eighteen year old dices with death on his souped-up red space bike, the Speed Tyrant.

    When his girlfriend and best friend are both accepted by Uranium Scholar University he begins to wonder if he should do something more meaningful with his life.

    Could his destiny lie out among the stars?

    Meanwhile, far away in another part of the galaxy, the planet Xstasi is attacked by a pirate ship. Lord Czarr, the leader of the raiders, is keen to get his hands on the mysterious Omega Orb, an object of great power. He and his multispecies crew of alien marauders soon defeat the planetary defences and claim the prize… but the Orb cannot be harnessed by just anybody. Czarr gazes into the strange artefact and sees a vision of ‘The Chosen One’ – a young man from a planet called Earth…

    Dre Saturn – Child of the Orb by writer K.A.Bland and artist iBenz is an action-packed adventure with many colourful characters. It is also a coming-of-age tale of a teenager who has chased excitement and found it, only to discover that, after a while, it is a hollow pursuit. Growing up means leaving behind the lifestyle he knows and venturing out into the unknown. Like any young person on the brink of adulthood, he faces a future that is uncharted territory, full of wonders waiting to be discovered … but also untold dangers.

    iBenz illustrates the tale with a manga style and a crackling, vibrant energy. The many battles are portrayed with a fluid sense of motion and the players are a diverse, fascinating bunch: the raiders include an armoured cyber warrior woman, a tattooed troll with huge horns and a big reptilian thug with three stomachs who has a tendency to eat the people he is robbing…

    Like many a young soul, Dre is on a quest to find himself. Unfortunately, someone else is also hunting him down…

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