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Elemental Fources Preview

Eric Mullarky, Crisman Strunk, John Becaro, Ernest Jocson, Jaymes Reed, David Chow

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

The year is 2012. Humanity is rapidly heading towards cataclysmic predictions of the Apocalypse. Destruction, despair, and greed ravage the world. Beyond the devastating wars fought between nations, a secret war brews for all of humanity‚Ķ flanked by Good and Evil. The Brotherhood has utilized their knowledge of alchemy to survive for centuries in secret. Familiarity with magic, science, and the divine, and the use of special agents have allowed them to furtively influence the outcome of many historical events. The Brotherhood’s current agents are the Fources, human half-breeds with powers rooted in each of the central elements of philosophy: earth, water, fire, and air. Discovered by the Brotherhood as young children, these four are orphans with very little connection to their elemental ancestry. They fight for a world to which they only partially belong.

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