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Evolusion #1

Mario Colao, R.J. Reyes

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Evolusion Issue #1 is like the first 15 minutes of a high-octane action movie, introducing you to a savage world where soldiers have been tasked with the mission of extracting a group of survivors from a hostile jungle area. The soldiers are in for more than they bargained for when they”re confronted with a herd of violent creatures descending upon them and the people they’ve attempted to rescue. As well as being introduced to the world of Evolusion, you will also be introduced to characters with diverse personalities, all who play a part in the story that unfolds. The question is, will they all make it out of this very first issue in one piece?

Evolusion takes place 20 years after the final world war destroyed most of humanity. Now, the remaining population struggles to rebuild civilization. But, the path is not easy… Due to the fallout of nuclear and biological warfare, the world has been given something far worse to contend with than it has ever known. Nightmarish creatures and super-powered beings have evolved as the dominant species on the planet. As humans fight to regain control of the future, hope lies within the truth of the past. Truly a genre mash-up, Evolusion combines elements of action, horror, science-fiction, drama, and superhero fantasy, creating a deeply-layered world with an ever-evolving storyline that will keep readers coming back for more after each installment.

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