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Ex Novo Libris Vol 1


Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 244

James is a shallow but well-meaning dog enthusiast. Then he meets the deeply poignant and mysteriously strong June and sorta maybe is in love, possibly — whatever that means. MEANWHILE and/or SUDDENLY, danger and terror! There is a rebellion in the afterlife! Afterlives, even! James and June are about to collide with the ultimate master plan of God, which is turn about to collide with the master plan of God’s old girlfriend Medea, who is about to collide with the planet Earth, which is about to — NEEEEEERRRRRR KABLOOM! PYOO! PYOOOOO! Explosions! And uh, eruptions! Yes, that’s it. Guaranteed fiery explosion in every issue or your money back! Who is God? What does He want? What is His ultimate plan for you? Finally, the real answers to all your questions … are for some reason going to an unambitious average loser named James, who just wants to score with the amnesiac cyborg angel of death he thinks is his girlfriend. God’s twisted scheme is about to collide with his furious ex — and she has a plan of her own for the universe. Ex Novo Libris: now you know, and knowing shall set you free.



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