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Fallen Justice #3

Cary Kelley, Harold Edge, Steven Forbes, Ross Hughes

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Fallen Justice tells the story of what happens when the most powerful hero in the world finds out he’s dying and has 3 months to live. The series begins shortly before he hears the news and then deals with the repercussions of what he decides to do, and the lengths he goes to trying to accomplish his goals of changing the world for the better and leaving things safe for average everyday people. Fallen Justice is about the decisions a man makes when backed into the ultimate corner. “The imagery on this comic is just great…has some great potential. It’s great to look at and it leaves us on a great hook at the end.” Interesting Fodder “Right off the bat you should know that Fallen Justice is great! I’ve seen other titles attempt this take on the superhero comic, but Mr. Kelly and Mr. Forbes did a fantastic job of making it their own by approaching the idea from a different angle. The art is professional, and the writing is polished and well thought out”. Shawn – Herospy “What I liked was the story arc so far, with the dialogue fitting for the premise. The art itself had good styling, and the colors were right for a superheroes genre. The lettering and sound effects were placed right, not interfering with the art. I am looking forward to see how the rest of the story arc goes…” Michael D Hamersky In the midst of stopping a prison break from escalating into a full blown massacre, Justice Theta again finds his life in very real danger, while the Guardians vote to revoke his membership on the team. Comedy has declared war, and nothing short of the head of our hero is going to satisfy his insane thirst for revenge. While the battle rages, Dynagirl watches from home, suffering a mysterious illness that keeps her sidelined and unable to help.

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