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Flare Adventures #28

Dennis Mallonee, Henry Vogel, Gordon Purcell, Joe Martin, Jeff Brennan

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

The six-part crossover adventure between the League of Champions and the Southern Knights continues! And of course, FLARE plays a part in it. But the Flare who appears is not the Flare we know!

When the Huntsman finds himself appearing “One Day in Future’s Past,” in the year 2097 with Aramis and Kristin of the Southern Knights, Flare is there, too. But it isn’t Terri Feran. It’s Sabrina Martel, the Flare of the future! And the world of 2097 is a world in which mankind stands on the brink of extermination, fighting a hopeless war against an army of thinking machines.

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