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From Beyond The Urn #1

Catreats and Linus have an interesting cat to human relationship. Cat thinks it’s funny to make a dating profile for his human mom on a Jewish dating site. Later puppy Roxy gets introduced and the girls scheme to convince dad to say she’s okay to stay. Dad dies walking Roxy.

Rafeala Cat De Alencar, Destiny Cooper

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

Kitten is brought home to teenage grunge rock girl Catreats. Cat grows up along with Catreats. While she’s at work Linus the cat puts a profile for his human on a Jewish dating site for his own amusement. Later Linus is introduced to a puppy named Roxy in which he insists “that dumb dog is not his sister””. Cattreats and her sister plot to convince their dad to keep the newly introduced puppy and Linus and Roxy grow to be friends. Catreat’s dad dies while walking Roxy.

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