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Fuerza #2

During a routine security check at Fort San Cristobal in Puerto Rico, Park Ranger Jilliana Nieves goes deep into unknown caverns following a strange sound until she stumbles upon a meteorite that contains an ancient extraterrestrial being of pure energy called an Astralite.

Ralph Henriquez, Arnaldo Junior

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

It warns Jilliana of an incoming invasion that will eradicate the entire human race. She agrees to help and we witness how Jilliana transforms into an all-powerful superheroine.

Faced with the threat of her world about to be invaded, Park Ranger Jilliana Nieves agrees to help protect the Earth from an incoming invasion. An ancient extraterrestrial creature of pure energy endows her with immense superhuman powers granting her the ability to stop this threat.

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