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G Honor And Curse #1

A horrible tragedy changes the life of Genshi Sakagura from a very young age. After being taken in by the Iga clan, Genshi is forged in the way of the shinobi. However, Genshi never quite feels at home. Something deep inside of himself is making him doubt his place in the clan and even in the world.

Mark London, Andy King, Michael Camelo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

In feudal Japan, the Iga and Koga are rival clans on the brink of war. Genshi, a shinobi of the Iga clan, is not like the rest. Genshi is possessed by a dark and ancient spirit. This curse is taking Genshi to the limits of his sanity. If Genshi learns to control the darkness within himself, he will become the first true master of ninjutsu and he will have the opportunity to shape the future of Japan with his blade.


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