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Gehenna Imperium #1

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After fighting for her life against a shadow beast, Zillah realizes her fatal demise from her human world and has now awoken to her new life in Purgatory.

Jaye Wynn, Calvin Yeager, Jason Montgomery, Paul Angol, Jessica Berggrun

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Zillah used to be an unassuming model student, following the rules of a world that made sense to her. All of that changed in an instant when she was abducted and brutalized by a pack of sadistic young men who showed her that she was living in their world. Physically, mentally, and emotionally wrecked, Zillah found solace in Taekkyon, a Korean martial art with the essence that, through relentless training, Zillah herself would grow to embody – beautiful, graceful, lethal. With a heart turned cold and a body turned to steel, Zillah set out on her next project – revenge. Unfortunately, Zillah was in for another rude awakening. After a fight goes bad, she regains consciousness in a shadowy limbo world known as Gehenna, purgatory for demonic beings from the farthest reaches of multiple universes. Zillah learns that the 1000 Year Tournament is coming; a combat crucible in which all inhabitants of this hellscape compete. The prize? Resurrection to your world of origin. If Zillah is to have her vengeance in the mortal world, first she”ll have to assemble a new other-worldly set of powers and battle her way through the demon horde of Gehenna.

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