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Genesis Lost #3


The Dark Star group leads an expedition to the Giza Plateau in Egypt to determine the truth behind one of the ancient world’s greatest mysteries, the Great Sphinx, which is not what it appears.

Bryan T. Johnson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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The team will soon discover the source of the ancient evil they have been pursuing and get a glimpse into their sinister agenda, as Biblical prophecy unfolds before their eyes. Who will survive these cataclysmic events? Genesis Lost is a story that takes place in the very near future. A sizable portion of the world’s population has just disappeared from the face of the earth. Supernatural events are occurring all over the planet. The global system has collapsed and a new global government has established itself in Europe. UFOs, Alien Abduction, cattle mutilations, Nazi wonder weapons, the Nephilim, it’s all related and it’s all culminating in a massive event that will alter mankind for all eternity.

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1 review for Genesis Lost #3

  1. Eric Walker (verified owner)

    This issue is part #3 of a well written and excellent story that takes place after a large size of the world’s population disappears from the planet and the world (and its governments) having been thrown into complete chaos as a result. The Dark Star group heads to Egypt and finds their way into a secret chamber in the Great Sphinx that contains several clues to answering the mystery of the origin of the human race – – or so you think. There are many twists and turns to this fascinating series and is a must read for all interested in the paranormal with biblical connections.

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