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Genesis Reborn #1

A collapsed federal government, a global power takeover, war, pestilence, demonic activity, and global natural disasters, have left the world in complete disarray. A small group of US agents, led by Erika Conners, find themselves fighting demons in the American West. But they are not alone. With the help of an angelic Demon Hunter named Jayde and tribal members of various surviving indigenous tribes, this band of survivors finds themselves locking horns with hellspawn in New Mexico.

Bryan T Johnson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 60


Who, or what, are the aliens that visit planet Earth? What is their agenda? What role do they play during the end times? These are the questions the US Government asked shortly after World War Two. President Truman established a covert program in 1947 called Project Darkstar. This project pursued answers to questions the rest of the world was afraid to ask. Now, in the midst of the Apocalypse spoken of in the Bible, a small group of Americans have teamed with remnants of the indigenous tribes to fight back against the forces of evil that plague the land.

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