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Grim Reaper #9

Variant Edition Available

The Grim Reaper was a real Standard Comics WWII era superhero who operated behind enemy lines and used terror as a weapon against the Nazis.

Roy Johnson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

When the Grim Reaper tries to break American POWs out of a Nazi camp, he meets one of his most powerful foes, the Black Sun. Can he complete his mission and save the POWs before they are used in evil Nazi experiments? Find out in this Golden Age style comic book, The Grim Reaper “Black Dawn”. Featuring the action-packed 12-page story, a brief history of the character, profile pages on the Grim Reaper and Black Sun, and a great Fred Hembeck centrefold, this issue is designed to read like one from his World War II era adventures.

Available as a standard cover or a distressed cover, made to looks like it’s been around since the War.

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