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Heroes Of The Golden Age #1

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A series of comic books featuring profiles of heroes from the golden age of comics.

Darrin Wiltshire, Chris Malgrain, Richard Boucher, Jesse Bereta, Julia Lye, Oliver Hudson, Reed Man, James Mason

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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Read about the Heroes of the Public Domain focusing on the known, and maybe not so known, heroes of yesteryear. Issue #1 features 32 profiles, with brand new artwork by dynamic artist Chris Malgrain, and hero biographies written by Richard Boucher, Jesse Bereta, and Julia Lye. Colors provided by Reed Man, James Mason and Oliver Hudson Our regular issue features a cover by Chris Malgrain. Chris also did two Variant covers, one a homage to X-Men #141 and a second a homage to Daredevil #1. All available to order here. Roll Call: Amazing Man American Crusader Atom Wizard Atoman Atomic Thunderbolt The Avenger Black Cat Black Panther Blue Lady Captain Flash Captain Future Captain Tootsie Daredevil The Eye Fantom of the Fair The Flag Green Giant Masked Marvel MiniMidget Miss Fury Miss Masque Moon Girl Pat Parker, War Nurse Rainbow Red Rocket The Shark The Silver Streak Target Vapo-Man Wonder Boy Wonderman Yankee Girl

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2 reviews for Heroes Of The Golden Age #1

  1. Dave Van Domelen (verified owner)

    (pasted from review column)
    Heroes of the Golden Age Reference Guide #1-3: Temporal Comics – This is a series of Kickstarter-funded books in the mold of Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, but featuring all the public domain heroes (in fact, it was initially titled Heroes of the Public Domain). I got my copies of the first three through, the fourth’s KS just completed this month. It’s…clearly a fan effort. A lot of the writeups read like they started out twice as long and were chopped down to fit wordcount via deletion rather than by means of careful rewrites. The new art is mostly by Chris Malgrain, doing a rather thorough John Byrne imitation. Sure, a lot of the characters in these have been published over and over in recent years (especially by Dynamite lately), but a few of them are obscure enough or weird enough no one has tried reviving them. (Probably not a great idea to try to revive Tomboy.) Mildly recommended, kinda variable prices per issue due to print on demand model.

  2. Quantum ⚛ Multiverse (verified owner)

    Really dig this concept, and learning about public domain heroes is pretty cool.

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