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I Need Space #1

Two assassins are chasing after a courier for money and data, but it backfires and they are found. Now they have to deal with these pesky space thugs, can they do it?

Angelo Vazquez

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

In the future, civilization has taken to living amongst the stars and the government has taken dominion over the galaxy. But huge capitalist juggernaut companies fight them for power. Assassin companies being one of them, are mainstream services, that are well respected. But when these companies over-extend their power and the two top assassins from competing companies are set up to kill one another, everything changes. The two end up doing the opposite and falling for each other instead. Now the lovers have vowed to destroy them and in the meantime, they have to make enough money doing jobs, to avoid capture and ultimately disappear forever. Sounds easy enough right?


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