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Imaginos Plus #1

Stories inspired by Sci Fi Fantasy Role Playing Gaming to Afro Futurisitic Dystopian set pieces created to entertain and transport the reader. 

Jeff Lilly, Mark Dudley, Joseph Cain, Various

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

This issue is led by an RPG inspired Sci-Fi fantasy Rifts: The Adventures of Young Erin Tarn. It is a story about a girl who will, one day, become an icon in her world and the adventures that get her there. Next is Requiem a Sci fi Mystery piece concerning a corporate sponsored strike team in conflict with its evil counter part, in search of an item that could cause or avert galactic Armageddon. However, the item may carry with it clues to the past of each of our heroes and the world that are better yet left buried. Third is the Superhero Comedy Candy Coated, about the misadventures of a superhero team that bungle their way through adventures that make us wonder if they are worse than the villains. Last, but not least, is the Afro futuristic Juda Fist: 7 Deaths of the Yobi. This dystopian, hip hop inspired tale is about Amaru Jones, a man turned into a bio organic weapon who awakes from a decades old sleep to rebuild his life. However, age old enemies await his resurrection and ready themselves to continue a battle in which the fate of our solar system hangs in the balance.


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