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Imani The Killer #2

With anger fueled by disturbing images of being raped and comments from her Gold digging friends only agitated her more. She lured these men with her hot looks and killed them. Her killing spree comes to an end after being caught by an undercover detective.

Jeff Carroll, Eric Alan Nelson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 30

After being sentenced to death by electrocution she has time to reflect on her actions and the emotions which caused them. In the story we find that she killed a lot more men than the 12 she got convicted of. In a boastful narration she shares stories of her rampage and fantasizes about killing other men. Her limitless imagination allows her to venture off to far away lands in times past and possible futures to eliminate misogamy. She dreams of killing men like Dracula and men from other planets. Whether her imagination is triggered by an experience in jail or from a letter from a fellow poet it results into a blood gushing story. This comic will take readers on a ride with a girl who creates an alternative reality where she goes from being an angry woman to a hero with a vengeance.

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