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Invaded #2

The invasion is taking hold and the alien lifeforms begin to spread and mutate across the nation. Deep in the countryside in the GEN-SEC labs, Dr. Lizzie has to deal with an over-amorous and now freakishly mutated admirer. Meanwhile, Stan and Fritz realize they need to escape the nursing home as things take a turn for the monstrous!

Vance Foulstone

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What would happen if one day our world was hit by an intergalactic assault of globally destructive proportions? How could we hope to survive a parasitic race of otherworldly slime, hell-bent on mutating all life on Earth? Who will save the day when all is lost? This is the story of the greatest threat our planet has ever faced. A tale that will chronicle the fall of mankind and the threat of extinction to all life. It is down to a small band of survivors thrown together by chance and with one common goal – save our world from annihilation. The hopes of our planet rest in the hands (and paws) of a bumbling handyman, a foxy scientist, a mutated crackpot, and a smelly bulldog…it doesn’t look good!



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