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Invaded #7

The orbiting Skraalak forces make a devastating discovery and begin the final stage of their invasion. Back on Earth, Smedley and his gang of mutated morons concoct their own hair-brained schemes of domination, and Stan and the gang manage to rescue the genius Professor Huggelsteiner who holds the key to our survival. However, after anything BUT plain sailing, the tide is about to turn to even more treacherous waters!

Vance Foulstone

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What would happen if one day our world was hit by an intergalactic assault of globally destructive proportions? How could we hope to survive a parasitic race of otherworldly slime, hell-bent on mutating all life on Earth? Who will save the day when all is lost? This is the story of the greatest threat our planet has ever faced. A tale that will chronicle the fall of mankind and the threat of extinction to all life. It is down to a small band of survivors thrown together by chance and with one common goal – save our world from annihilation. The hopes of our planet rest in the hands (and paws) of a bumbling handyman, a foxy scientist, a mutated crackpot, and a smelly bulldog…it doesn’t look good!


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