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Jamie Jupiter Vol. 5

Jamie Jupiter is a member of the Galactic Squadron-a team of intergalactic “space cops” who help protect the galaxy. After tracking a villain to Earth, she saves the lives of two teenagers and shares her secret with them.

Casey Knoll

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 134

Fighting aliens and saving innocent people has become the norm for our trio of heroes. But with graduation fast approaching, our young heroes must soon decide whether to continue protecting the Earth, or if it’s time to part ways. But they may get their answer when their mysterious enemy finally unleashes their monstrous ace in the hole. This 134 page, full color book contains episodes 16 through 20, as well as print-only bonus material with some sneak peeks at the future of our heroes and the series itself!

Jamie Jupiter vows to use her cosmic superpowers to protect her new friends and her new home, while learning what planet Earth is all about. Monsters of all shapes and sizes threaten our way of life, but with a brave and determined alien; a deadpan snarker photographer, and her comic book-loving geeky boyfriend, no task is simple, and every day is an adventure.

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