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Juju Macabre #1

When a group of Northerners follows the trail of a strange coven into the swamps outside of a small Louisiana town, they unwittingly light a fuse that may start a war amongst the feuding families of Voodoo practitioners. A girl named Kizzie is called on to investigate this coming threat, but is she ready to take on the mantle of Juju Macabre?

Anias Gurle, Sky Owens, Tim Tyler

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28


In the backwoods of Louisiana, amid the mysterious Swamps, there are legends of things more dangerous than snakes and gators. There are things that creep about that you are best to avoid, but when such things knock at your door, your only salvation may be the Voodoo priestess known only as Juju Macabre, who has a very strange story of her own!

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