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Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter #5

Kevin Given, Gil Murillo, Scott Story

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

[learn_more] In this issue our heroes including Karl, President Lyndon Johnson, Ninja Kate Bryant, Immortals Athanasius and Athena Timon and the “greek” god Thor find temple Sekhmet only to be set up then imprisoned by the vampires. Can they escape in time to prevent the resurrection of Sekhmet? Karl Vincent is a vampire hunter that isn’t very good at what he does. He wets his pants every time he sees a vampire. When he discovered the reality of Nosferatu he became so obsessed with ridding the world of these creatures that he lost his job and family. He announced in his sons high school class that he was going to quit his job and hunt vampires. Now his son is a laughing stock at school and won’t even talk to his father. His wife, Barbara, wants a divorce.

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