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Kemette #4

The Godquest leads Kemette and the Tyrean Sphinx to Rome, Italy where they stumble onto a strange battle between two living statues: a giant minotaur and a Roman Goddess.

Anias Gurle, P. Skylar Owens, Tim Tyler

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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The Sphinx believes that a Warspark, an energy bolt which can manifest into any weapon imagined has been conjured and they must retrieve it before it falls int the wrong hands. It now becomes a race between the Sphinx and the newcomer who will be known as Pantheona!

After being transported to a parallel world, the ancient Gods empowered a young girl crippled through a tragic accident to become their champion for an impending War. Her quest is to create a new Pantheon of warrior Gods and spearhead them. She is Kemette: the Sword of Pharaohs.

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