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Kid Horus #4

Leonard Kately

Magazine Sized Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 30

Kid Horus is arrested by Black Violet and brought to I.S.I.S.! However, her motives may be more benevolent than he thought. This soon catches the eye of super spy, Info Man the Interfacer. What is his true motives and who sent him? Also, alien intrigue. Plus: a backup story featuring featuring Nova City's gritty crimefighter, The Crying Eagle!

When high school sophomore Freddie Franklin is given an ancient scarab, he becomes Nova City's urban defender Kid Horus! He soon comes into conflict with C.O.V.E.N.(Covert Operatives using Violence Espionage and Networking), The Neutralizers, Power Prince, Hysteria, The Clown Gang and Psiborg! Can he balance being Nova City's only superhero and being a teenager? Sheesh!…wasn't being a superhero supposed to be fun?!

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