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Kuani #1

After the deaths of his twin sister and parents after seeing a movie on June 19, 1989, he strangely disappeared from the public view! However, when he returns in the 2000s around the same time, a masked ninja vigilante has appeared to fight corruption and defend the public only known as Kunai!

JD Dishmon

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Who or what is the Kunai? Well in these three tales of Intrigue, crime, and throwing stars will introduce you to the shinobi vigilante just starting out a year after 9/11 in NYC, as he faces up against Fat Tony, Crusher Moe, NYPD Lt. Dillon, Neko-Neko, and Striker in these three tales in this “Batman” meets “Pulp Fiction” style Comic book! Also features a remaster and revamped version of Kunai issue 0 with redone art and script!


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