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Kunai #2

Who hired Striker to kill Kunai and what connection do they have to him and his family?

JD Dishmon

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

Striker’s assault on Kunai hasn’t stopped. He tripped Striker’s trap instead, as all of the incarcerated enemies of Kunai have been freed and tearing their prison. Meanwhile, Kat and her friend Natalie are staked by enemies and possible allies. All this and the introduction of Grim Ronin!

Ken Fugishima after losing his parents, was conscripted into a Ninja clan that taught him to kill but despite becoming their number one killer left with the leader’s daughter with whom had a quiet life until she die protecting their children. Which afterward scour the world for the killers but instead was taught to be a hero by golden age superheroes!


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