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Kunoichi Kate Bryant #1

Kate is having nightmares of her father’s death, only he dies a different way each time. These nightmares [rom[t her to track down the man who killed her father, only she might not like what she finds.

Kevin Given, Nicole D’Anndria, Rodolfo Ezequiel

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Kate Bryant is of mixed race. Caucasian on her father’s side and Japanese on her mother’s side. When Gabe (her father) lost everything in the stock market crash he turned to his brother-in-law’s Yakuza gang for help. He is accused of murdering Funaki. Funaki’s brothers Isamu and Daichi take out their vengeance on Gabe and kill him right in front of Kate’s eyes. She is now out for revenge.


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