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Liberty Comics #09

Steve Perrin, Dennis Mallonee, Henry Martinez, Ulderico Fioretti

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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The 9th issue of Liberty Comics feature Book 1 (of 2) the very first full-length comic book adventure of the legendary VANGUARD OF FREEDOM! The story is written by Steve Perrin, with artwork by Henry Martinez, PLUS eight bonus pin-up pages by Ulderico Fioretti, with text by Dennis Mallonee revealing previously untold secrets of members of the Vanguard. During the course of this two-part adventure, which continues in Liberty Comics #10, you’ll learn how the Vanguard’s original members, GIANT, DOCTOR ARCANE, BRITANNIA, and ROLAND HUNTER, were joined in their battle against the Axis powers by LIBERTY GIRL, DIAMOND JIM, FLETCHER THE BOWMAN, and MINUTEMAN. There’s also a special appearance by the SENTINEL.

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