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Life Lessons From A UFO Catcher #1

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Kenny Loui is a Ph.D. student, university professor, and self-proclaimed UFO Catcher. This is the story of Kenny’s experiences playing arcade UFO catchers, rescuing dolls and figures trapped inside claw machines, while capturing important life lessons along the way. 

Kenny Loui, Yamawe

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

This collection of short stories chronicles Kenny’s experiences playing arcade crane games, also known as UFO catchers, rescuing cute and cuddly plushies while capturing important life lessons along the way. In his UFO-catching journey, Kenny encounters a kawaii but concerned guardian spirit who tries — but fails — to keep him out of trouble, a beautiful stranger with an affinity for dart games but is always missing her mark, twin sisters who either make or break his plushie-liberating mission, a crazy cat lady that vies for his heart, a wise arcade owner who never hesitates to share sage advice, and a riveting rival who foils Kenny’s crane game rescues every chance he gets. Like Aesop’s Fables, but with a modern-day twist! Based on real-life events.

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